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Wishing you all a fun and exciting half term. We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Tuesday 20th Feb.

Visit to the Library! 


This week Reception took a walk up to the local library. 

The children were very excited about our visit and we even had some child experts who had visited the library before to do some homework there!

The children learned and sang a song with the librarian and the librarian's bear before settling down to read a special story, "Bumblebear". The children then had a look at all of the different books the library has and sat down with each other to read some of their favourites.

The librarian read another story with the children about a little kitten, linking in with our animals topic.

In school the children did some artwork on the "Bumblebear" story and gave their thoughts and opinions which we will take back to the library to be put up on the library's wall!

If you would like to see the work, visit the library in a few weeks!

Visit From The Farm!


This week Reception were very lucky to be visited by the farm! 


They brought lots of beautiful farm animals for the children to look at and stroke.


The children talked with the farmers about the different animals, thinking about how they were the same and different from each other. The children thought about what the animals were covered in, what the animals might eat and how they might be helpful to us. The children also thought about how many legs each animal had, which ones had beaks, which ones had fur and which ones had feathers.


The children learned lots of interesting new facts before going into the pen with them to see them up close and feel what they felt like.


We had a lovely time! Ask us about our time with the animals!




Thank you to all parents and family members who attended the children's Nativity.

They were all very excited to show you what they had been practising and they performed brilliantly!

Christmas Dinner!


Today we enjoyed a special Christmas dinner! 

The children wore their Christmas hats that they had made specially and sat at the tables waiting for their teachers to bring them their dinner!

The children listened to festive music and enjoyed having everyone in the hall!



Christmas Cards!

This week the children have started to bring in Christmas cards for all of their friends. Today the children sat down to give each other their cards whilst they listened to some festive music. 

The children are really excited to be giving and receiving cards this year and they all had lots of fun showing each other their cards, looking at the different pictures and thanking each other for the Christmas messages!

Trip to the Post Office

The children have been working very hard over the past few weeks to write, design and decorate Christmas and holiday cards for their families. The children worked hard to write the messages in their cards and draw Christmassy designs on the front of their cards. The children also learned about envelopes and how post offices use addresses to deliver letters and parcels.


Today, the children walked up to the local post office to post their Christmas cards. The children were very excited and waited patiently in line in the post office to go up to the desk and get their cards measured. The children then received their stamps which they took and stuck onto their envelopes ready to be posted.


The children then went round the corner to post their envelopes into the gold postbox!


The children are really looking forward to seeing their envelopes come through the post, so keep an eye out!

Thank you to the parent helpers who joined us for our walk!


Non Uniform Day!

Today the children came in dressed in their best for non uniform day!


They were all very excited to see each other's outfits and  we loved seeing all of the children's personalities coming through in their favourite clothes.


All of the sweetie jars the children brought in for non uniform day and to sell at  our Christmas market were beautifully made.

We can't wait to get our hands on some of them!

Baking Gingerbread Men!

This week the children have been learning about measure and weight. To support their understanding, the children applied their knowledge of weight to a real life application: baking gingerbread men!

In Literacy the children read the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'  and then worked together to write their own recipe to follow. They learned how to write lists and instructions as they wrote up ingredients, equipment and the method for the recipe.

The children then mixed all of the ingredients together, carefully following their recipe and talked about how they could measure out the right amounts. The children smelled the different spices they used and mixed up the wet and dry ingredients.

The children then had a go at rolling out the gingerbread dough before cutting out their men.

The children then had brilliant fun decorating their gingerbread men to finish them off!

They looked delicious!

Autumn Walk!

Today the children have been talking about the seasons, looking specifically at Autumn and Winter. 

The children thought about how Autumn is different from all of the other seasons and what changes happen in the Autumn.

The children thought about the weather, changes in the leaves, how the days get darker and shorter and what different animals do in the Autumn.

The children then went on an Autumn walk, looking out for any signs of Autumn!

We had lots of fun!



The children have been learning about Diwali!

They have looked at why people celebrate Diwali, learning the story of Rama and Sita and they have looked at how people celebrate, with lights, candles, fireworks and creating rangoli patterns.

The children made their very own Divas to take home!


Welcome to Reception H's page.

We will be posting updates about our class as often as possible, so please check back to see what the children have been up to.


Some information about our routines in Reception:

Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please read with your children at least 3 times a week.

Homework will be given out on Friday. Please return the homework on the following Wednesday.

Reception H are having PE on Thursday Mornings for the Autumn term. Please ensure all of your child's PE kit is labelled.

We are also live on Tapestry so please use your login information to check on your child's online Learning Journal!

Miss Hillard