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Year 6 leavers event and disco Thursday 19th July.

Year 3B


Tolmers - July 2018

Our final spelling test of the term will be on Wednesday! 

Purple/Green: expect, expedition, expensive, experiment, explain, explanation, forgot, forgotten, forgive, forgiven


Blue/Orange: expedition, experiment, expensive, explain, forgot, forgotten, forgive, forgiven


Wizzards: Snow, Rain, Wind, Hail, Air


Alphas: Old, Bold, Told, Hold

World Book Day (take 2) was a success! We had some great costumes this year. 

Four children in 3B have already earned their pen license!  Well done. This means that they can use a pen for Literacy and Topic lessons. These children proved they were ready for a pen by doing many different things; writing their words using the proper joins taught in handwriting lessons, forming letters all the same size (not too big, not too small), and making sure everything they write is legible. 

Who else will get a pen license by the end of Spring term??

Spring Term 


We spent almost our whole day with Ancient Egypt expert Emma, who took us through many drama exercises to teach us about what life would have been like 3000 years ago in Egypt. To start the day, we played a fun game called Tutankhamen's Curse and then shared all the great things we learned in our own research over the holidays. Emma was very impressed! We used our bodies to create giant crocodiles, the Nile River and the humongous pyramids where Pharaohs were buried.

After lunch, we learned about the Egyptian hierarchy - Pharaoh's at the top and peasants at bottom. We then created frozen images in groups about the life of King Tutankhamen, who became King at age 9! To end the day, we got together with the rest of Year 3 and shared what we had learned. They taught us about mummification and how your brain was taken out through your nose before you were buried (gross).

It was a great day and Emma was very happy with our class behaviour and how eagerly everyone participated.

Happy Holidays!


As the term comes to a close, we have been having some Christmas fun in 3B. On Friday, the children were challenged to make Christmas trees out of only card, tape, and glue. The tree had to stand up on its own and every group was successful. We also created homemade, healthy pizzas while we watched Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is Coming to Town - two great Christmas classics! 


Today we were lucky to see Treasure Island, a pantomime in the hall. We got an extra half an hour of play time and then had a party. 

We played Snowman Relay where teams had to dress someone on their team as a snowman using only loo roll, paper buttons and a paper carrot nose. Well done to BOTH Team 1s who covered their snowman the best. 


Happy Holidays to all 3B families. We will see you on Monday 8th January for the start of Spring term.  :)



Welcome back for the second part of Autumn term!

Many children began their own research over the holiday on skeletons and muscles for our new topic: Head to Toe. Some of them brought in fabulous information posters. Thank you so much for your hard work!

We have started learning about this topic as a class. Today, after learning the names of the major bones in our body and what they do, we put together a paper skeleton (without a reference photo) in groups. 

Happy Harvest! 


Our KS2 Harvest service was a great success!

Year 3 came together to perform a play on words poem and they did a fabulous job speaking loud for everyone to hear.

Plant Four Rows of Peas
Peace within ourselves
Peace with each other                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Peace in our school
Peace in our world

Plant Four Rows of Squash
Squash unkindness
Squash rudeness
Squash unhelpfulness
Squash selfishness

Plant Four Rows of Lettuce
Lettuce be hardworking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lettuce be kind
Lettuce be patient
Lettuce show our care for one another

Plant Four Rows of Turnips
Turn up when you’re needed
Turn up to lend a hand
Turn up to help one another
Turn up and make a difference

Plant Four Rows of Thyme
Thyme for ourselves
Thyme for each other
Thyme for family
Thyme for friends


Thank you to all the parents who could make it despite your busy schedules. 





Brilliant Beginning

As a Brilliant Beginning on September 6th, Paul from Life in the Rainforest ( visited Year 3. The children spent the morning sketching artefacts from his travels, such as a purse made from an armadillo, a boar's tusk and a bird's foot. After that, Paul showed everyone a variety of insects and arachnids that you might find in rainforests across the world. If they were brave enough, children had the chance to touch hissing cockroaches, a millipede and even a tarantula. In the afternoon, Paul showed both classes photos and videos from his decades of travel. A favourite amongst everyone was a video of a trapdoor spider jumping out to try and grab its prey, and a video of a woman selling barbecued tarantulas while sitting on a bucket of live ones! To end the day Paul unrolled an anaconda's skin and the children were able to hold it. It definitely was a brilliant day! 


Welcome to 3B's page.

We will be posting updates about our class as often as possible, so please check back to see what the children have been up to.


Some information about our routines:

Please read with your children at least 3 times a week and sign their reading record.

Homework will be given out on Friday. Please return the homework on the following Wednesday.

3B are having indoor PE on Monday, and outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoon for the Autumn term.

Please ensure all of your child's PE kit is labelled and they have plimsoles or trainers.

Miss Brockway