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Children in need 2017

Mayan Tortillas

In groups, we followed a recipe to create tortillas with maize flour, just as the Mayans did! 

We also added a little bit of honey, as we found out that The Maya kept bees too. 

Underneath the slideshow is the card that we followed, should you want to make your own tortillas at home.

Harvest Festival '17

Yesterday we had a fantastic celebration. Year 4 did brilliant job at explaining how Harvest is celebrated around the world. 

Thank you very much for all of your food donations. 


Free Verse poetry ideas

We worked as a group to come up with vocabulary ideas for our Mayan free verse poems. 


We have been showing our understanding of angles by drawing on our tables!


Can you spot the right angles, obtuse, acute or reflex angles?

Which lines are horizontal, vertical, parallel or perpendicular? 

Painting in 4S

We have been developing our painting skills in preparation for painting our Mayan ceremonial pots. We have created new colours by mixing the primary colours.