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Take one book: The Jolly Pocket Postman

For our ‘Take one book’ focus we have been reading ‘The Jolly Pocket Postman’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The whole school has been focussing on various texts by these authors. We chose this text as it is exciting to read, containing many envelopes with surprises inside. We’ve written examples of our own postcards and informal letters, and have also read online reviews of the story.

Alternative fairy tales!

In the speech & language base we’ve just started a new unit. We’re going to be looking at alternative fairy tales. These are fairy tales that use characters or settings that are found in traditional tales but are changed in some way. The children have enjoyed listening to me read ‘The true story of the three little pigs’. Please click on the link to listen to the story at home.



This half term in the base!

It has been a busy few weeks in the speech and language base here at Downfield. Our new year 3 pupils have settled well and everyone has been working hard. Our word vocabulary groups on a Monday afternoon have been helping the children to learn new vocabulary linked to their class topics (yr 3 rainforests, yr 4 the Mayans, yr 5 ancient Greeks and yr 6 the Tudors). We have been sending these sheets home with the children and hope they have been sharing their new words with you.

During half term, please keep learning times tables, especially 3x. See the weblink, which has been put on the weekly homework sheet, for games to help.

Have a great half term!

End of the year

It’s been a busy last few weeks in the speech and language base! Our year 6 pupils are ready to move on to their new schools, and we wish them much luck in the future. Our new pupils have visited and we look forward to them joining us in September. Some of the base pupils recently visited the white water rafting centre at Waltham Abbey and we were lucky to meet some members of Team GB including a gold medallist!

During the summer holidays, we ask that children read as much as possible! Many libraries run reading schemes for free over the 6 weeks and this is an ideal way of making sure that reading skills do not slip. Please see the link below for details.


Have a great summer, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all ready to learn in September.

maths games

This week in maths we’ve been enjoying ‘magic squares’. Please click on the link to have a go at completing a few!


In IPC (years 3&4 only), we’ve started a new topic called ‘Going for Gold’ which is all about the Olympic games. We watched a video clip as a starting point for discussion in our IPC and speech therapy sessions.



Please share any memories of 2012 with your children at home.

ICT week!

This week, the base children are in their mainstream classes all week for our ICT curriculum week! The base staff have been supporting the children in class for a variety of activities including decomposition(breaking down sequences), e-safety workshops, animation, ‘scratch’ and beebots.

Please talk to your child about the week and the activities that they have been doing.

What is their favourite? What have they learnt?

Report writing: last week, we began a unit on report writing. We used an online resource which the children enjoyed. The children read about the different types of dragon from ‘how to train your dragon’.

Please click on the link below to access the page. We will be continuing with our report writing in class later this term.


Alternative fairy tales

In literacy we have just completed our ‘take one book’ text which was ‘Gangsta Granny’ by David Walliams. We all enjoyed watching the film and writing about our own character, ‘Terrible Teacher!’

David Walliams’ website can be accessed here:


We have now started a new topic and we will be reading and writing alternative fairy tales. You can watch an alternative version of the three little pigs here:


We have shared this tale in class.

We are now working hard on our 4x tables. We play ‘hit the button’ in class to help us, please continue to play it at home.


Have fun!


What we’ve been doing in November!

On Friday 13th November the year 3 and year 4 speech and language base pupils enjoyed a trip to pizza Express in Hertford as part of our ‘What’s on the menu’ IPC topic. The children were taught about the various ingredients and where they come from, and then all made a margarita pizza to take home with them.


In our IPC lesson this week we have been learning about different food groups, and listened to a song to help us remember. Click on the link to listen to the song again!


In literacy this week, we’ve been learning about play scripts and have been using parts of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl to help us. Watch the clip below to see part of the story.


In maths, we’ve been learning how to do the grid method for long multiplication. This video demonstrates the method, the sums we’ve been doing are easier than this.




October half term 2015

Here are some games for you to play to help you keep learning your times tables!



We typed some sentences from our fables yesterday, and we need some practice at touch typing! The link below from the BBC is a great way to learn these skills.


And finally, we’ve been learning about 2D shapes in maths. Here’s a game to help you remember the names of regular 2d shapes.


Have fun!


Fables and column addition

Our literacy topic in the base at the moment is ‘Fables’. The children have been listening to and sharing fables such as ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’. We have just begun to plan a fable and have written our ideas in shared writing. Our fable will be called ‘The Shark and the Crab’.

In maths we are focussing on column addition. This is a new method for our year 3 pupils but our older children can recall it well from last year and are adding 3 digits and higher.

Please keep learning your times tables at home. Focus on the 3x table. Click on the link to play a game we use in class.