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Awesome Egyptians

Belated welcome back after half term, we hope you are all well rested.

Out new topic this term is Awesome Egyptians.  We had a brilliant beginnings workshop which we all really enjoyed.

The children particularly enjoyed acting out and learning about gruesome mummification!

Photos to follow 

The Jolly Postman

In Literacy we have been reading the story, ‘The Jolly Postman’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. At the end of this unit we wrote an informal letter to one of Jolly’s family members. Throughout the story we noticed lots of links between fairy tales.

We will be starting our next Literacy unit focusing on Instructions next week.


Awesome Egyptians!

On Monday 9th January we took part in an Ancient Egypt workshop. We used a variety of drama based activities to support us in learning lots of new knowledge about Ancient Egypt. Some of the activities we completed today include:

  • Role playing the moment Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.
  • Working in groups to act out each stage of the mummification process.
  • Creating freeze frames.
  • Ordering different jobs that people would have done from the highest society status to the lowest society status.

We all had such a fantastic day, and learned so many new things about Ancient Egypt.

dsc02790 dsc02803


In our Literacy lessons we have been reading and discussing a range of fables. This week we have been planning, writing and editing our own fables. Our fables convey the moral, ‘Never judge something by its size’.

Here are some examples of the fables that we wrote.


The Shark and the Piranha

by James

Swimming in the fast, humid and burning Indian ocean an enormous great white shark and a vicious piranha were trying to look for some dinner. Whilst, the great white shark was trying to catch its prey a big fisherman’s net tangled up the Shark leaving him helpless.

Luckily, a vicious piranha located the trapped Shark and thought of a plan. He broke open the net and set him free. The great white shark apologised to the piranha.

“Never judge a small, yet mighty piranha like me” shouted the Piranha.


The Dog and the Hedgehog

by Alex

The stray, lost and tough Bulldog who was looking for food found a spiny Hedgehog that’s trapped in a colossal bin, the tough Bulldog tips over the bin to free the spiny Hedgehog.

“Thank you for freeing me, I will return the favour by helping you find your way home” agreed the spiny Hedgehog.


The spiny Hedgehog decided to help the tough Bulldog find his home. The hedgehog squeezed through the gate and used the spines on his back to unlock it.


The tough Bulldog is now free to find his way home, using the spiny Hedgehogs great sense of smell. The spiny Hedgehog is now sad because he has to leave his new friend, but the tough Bulldog says he can live in his garden.


The Bear and the Bunny

by Deanne

One frosty, gloomy day, a vicious brown bear sneaked quietly in to a damp wood and found a cuddly, puffy bunny but the bear didn’t mind what the bunny was doing he was still going to gobble and chomp him up in one big gobble.


When the bear was trying to gobble his prey his sharp hairy paw got stuck in a sharp prickly bush and he started to growl.

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” growled the hurt bear.

He did a very mighty growl.

The animals were not even going to save the hurt bear. They left the hurt bear helpless.

He asked for help politely the next time, “Help please!”.


A few hours later the bear felt so bad because he noise why no one will save him. Then the puffy bunny heard the fellow growl. The fuzzy bunny slowly hopped to see what happened to the thirst bear. When he got there the bear said.

“You will never do it your so small” moaned the hurt bear.

The bunny was scared to free the bear but in the end he yanked his paw out of the prickly bush.


The bear felt sorry for what he shouted at the poor bunny.

He tried to explain why he said mean things about him.

“I’m sorry I just thought that because you’re so small, you wouldn’t be able to save me” complained the bear. The bear was thinking they should become friends. As the bear was taking the bunny home they decided to be best friends forever.


Paradise Wildlife Park

On Tuesday 18th October, we visited Paradise Wildlife Park. We were able to see a variety of rainforest animals whilst we were there. As part of the trip, we took part in a Rainforest workshop in which we learnt more about the 4 different layers of the rainforest, and what animals you would find in each layer.

dsc02575 dsc02584 dsc02589 dsc02596



Paradise wildlife park

We had a fantastic time at paradise wildlife Park!

We were able to see all of the animals and took some great pictures.

We went to a show called ‘Animal Tactics’ where we learnt about

how animals survive in the wild and how they can help us.

We also had a talk about the rain forest, the different layers and which animals live in which layer and why.



Timg_0535 img_0537 img_0538 img_0547.

img_0523 img_0525 img_0526 img_0527 img_0531 img_0532

Welcome to year 3H

Welcome back!

We hope you have a lovely holiday, the children have settled well into year 3 and are doing well.

This term our topic is ‘Life in the Rain Forest’.

We have been lucky to have a visit from Paul, a rain forest expert.

We were able to look at and find out all about different animals in the rain forest. Some of the animal we were allowed to stroke!

Rainforest Day!

Today we had a visitor in 3R, his name was Paul and he specialised in bugs, animals and the rainforest.

We took part in lots of different activities throughout the day including recognising and drawing rainforest artefacts, and also touching and feeling bugs from the rainforest such as stick insects, frogs, tarantulas and snakes. Our last activity was a power point about deforestation and looking at clips taken in different rainforests all over the world.

Below are some pictures of the children and class throughout the day:













Do animals have dreams?

We began today’s Literacy lesson by reading the story ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne. After this we generated a philosophical question that we wanted to discuss as a class. The question that we chose to discuss was, ‘Do you think animals have dreams?’. We all shared our own ideas, and we listened to each other’s thoughts regarding the question.



In Science we have been looking at what a shadow is, how it is formed and how the size of a shadow can be changed.

Today we carried out an investigation to show how shadows change throughout the day. Here are some photos of us working with a partner to draw the outlines of each others shadows at different times throughout the day.

DSC01784 DSC01785 DSC01786