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Awesome Egyptians

Belated welcome back after half term, we hope you are all well rested.

Out new topic this term is Awesome Egyptians.  We had a brilliant beginnings workshop which we all really enjoyed.

The children particularly enjoyed acting out and learning about gruesome mummification!

Photos to follow 

Paradise wildlife park

We had a fantastic time at paradise wildlife Park!

We were able to see all of the animals and took some great pictures.

We went to a show called ‘Animal Tactics’ where we learnt about

how animals survive in the wild and how they can help us.

We also had a talk about the rain forest, the different layers and which animals live in which layer and why.



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Welcome to year 3H

Welcome back!

We hope you have a lovely holiday, the children have settled well into year 3 and are doing well.

This term our topic is ‘Life in the Rain Forest’.

We have been lucky to have a visit from Paul, a rain forest expert.

We were able to look at and find out all about different animals in the rain forest. Some of the animal we were allowed to stroke!