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Competition Choir – The Moment

Comp. choir: here is a link to our new song. Please copy the address below. 



Spy in the Wild

Year 4: There is a fantastic BBC series on TV at the moment called ‘Spy in the Wild’. It links perfectly to our topic, ‘Wild Thing!’ and it can give you lots of extra information that we can use in our topic lessons. 

Thursday BBC1 at 8pm or clips and episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

Inclusion workshop

Today 4S took part in an inclusion workshop to experience different Paralympic games. We also met Drew Walker who is a Paralympian hoping to compete in the next games!

DSCN4522 DSCN4525 DSCN4526 DSCN4528

A brief flurry of snow!

DSCN4502 DSCN4509 DSCN4503

Snow at Downfield

Wild Thing!

Today we started out now topic: Wild Thing!

This topic will cover animal groupings, habitats and behaviours.

Here is a link to find out all about ANIMAL GROUPINGS

After visiting the website, you can test your knowledge by playing this GAME.

Mayan Tortillas

On Friday we made Mayan Tortillas!

4S all worked brilliantly in their groups and made delicious tortillas. They were given a recipe card, the ingredients and equipment and we were left to cook!

After the lesson, we compared how we made the tortillas to how The Maya would have made them and wrote about similarities and differences.

dscn3914 dscn3917 dscn3919  dscn3924 dscn3930 dscn3936 dscn3941 dscn3952 dscn3953 dscn3954 dscn3960 dscn3961 dscn3962


Here is the recipe to try at home:


Children in Need 2016

Thank you to everyone for dressing up today, 4S had a great time in their home clothes and raised lots of money for Children in Need

Image result for children in need



Today we had a lesson on teeth. We started the lesson by looking at some Mayan teeth from 3,000 years ago. We found out that The Maya used to sharpen and file their teeth to make them appear scary to other tribes. They also used to put precious stones and gems in their teeth to pay the Lords of The Underworld when they died.




Thankfully, we no longer file our teeth into points! We spoke about how we keep our teeth healthy each day and wrote a list of helpful hygiene hints.

After that, we learnt the correct names for the different types of teeth in our mouth and we discovered their functions. We compared our teeth to animal teeth and discussed why they were different.

What a lot of learning!

If you would like to visit any of the websites used in today’s lesson, click the links below.



Here are some pictures from the lesson:


dscn3825 dscn3828  dscn3830

Mayan Free Verse Poems

Today we have been creating Mayan free verse poems.

We watched a video of a Mayan dance ceremony and thought carefully about all the things we could see, hear, smell and feel.

We then worked as a group to create some free verse ideas.

Check out our a-MAYA-zing work!

dscn3735  dscn3737 dscn3738  dscn3740 dscn3741 dscn3742 dscn3743 dscn3744 dscn3745

Mayan Number system

Here is the website to learn the Mayan Number system at home. 

Image result for mayan number system