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David the Dinosaur

This week something very exciting has happened in Reception H! One day the children came into the classroom and found dinosaur footprints! They followed the trail of footprints to find an enormous egg!

The children have been using their senses and critical thinking to make inquiries about the egg. We have discussed the different kinds of animals that lay eggs and hatch from eggs to figure out what kind of animal could be inside. The children were also very engaged in talking about how to properly look after the egg and how to help it hatch. They suggested we keep it warm and safe.

On Thursday the children finally discovered a crack in the egg! Here we are watching as Miss Hillard helps the baby emerge.

The children generated lots of discussion about the dinosaur and suggested we should look for information about our dinosaur in books. The children found out that it is an Ankylosaurus and that it is a herbivore.

The children took a vote and we have decided to name him David!

Child K: I can hear some noise in there, I think its cracking!

Child O: He is so soft!

Child A: He has a wrecking ball at the end of his tail!

Child G: He has armour so he is protected.

Miss Hillard

A visit from a Fire Engine!

Welcome back to school! This term we are looking at animals and people who help us. We kicked off the start of school with a special visit!

Yesterday a team of firemen visited Downfield with their fire engine. Reception H were given the opportunity to explore the fire engine. We looked at the equipment on the fire engine that the firemen use and we listened to the firemen talking about their jobs and how they help our community. Here we are looking at the fire engine and listening to the firemen.





They talked about the equipment they use to put fires out, the uniforms they wear and how they control the water they use.

We also all got the chance to climb into the fire engine and sit in the cab!

Before we went back to the classroom we watched the fire engine drive away and the firemen turned on the blue lights and sirens to say goodbye!


Child C: There’s a water tank with all the water.

Child S: There’s a fan and tall ladders.

Child B: I went in the fire engine and its so tall!

Miss Hillard

Christmas Time!

Reception H has been very excited to start learning about Christmas!

The children have learnt about the Christmas story and worked very hard on their Nativity play, practicing the songs and the actions. They performed it beautifully today! Well done Reception!


We have set up our own Christmas tree, and we open our advent calendars every morning. We also write down how many more days there are until Christmas.


We have been making lots of Christmas crafts as well. We have made snow globes and the children designed and created their own Santa’s Workshop for their role play area.

dscn29921dscn27731nm dscn29901

We will continue learning about Christmas in the last few weeks of term and the children are looking forward to our Christmas parties, Christmas dinner and the pantomime!

Miss Hillard

Reception H’s Visit to the Library!

Today we went on a school visit to our local library!


The librarian read us some stories and taught us a library song.


We had the opportunity to look at lots of books and pick our favourites.


Some of us were really lucky and borrowed books from the library. The librarian showed us how to  use our card to check the books out.


We had lots of fun!

Autumn Walk!

We have been on an autumn walk around our school!

We talked about signs of autumn like the leaves changing colour and the weather getting colder.

Here we are enjoying the autumn leaves!





Child J: If you breathe out in the cold, steam comes out.

Child T: The leaves are different colours.

Child L: I can see some helicopter seeds.

Child V: I love this walk!

Miss Hillard

Bonfire Night!

Welcome back to our new school term!

Today in Reception H we learned about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder plot. We talked about how we celebrate and how to be safe around fireworks and bonfires.

We also learned the famous “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” poem. We printed fireworks onto our poems, using paint on toilet rolls. We all mixed different colours to see the effect. We finished our pictures with some glitter to make them sparkle!







Child L: “They are all so beautiful”

Child G: “I like the sparkly gold”

Child A: “They are big and explode!”

Child V: “I am mixing pink and purple”

We are really enjoying learning about Bonfire Night and exploring different ways to create fireworks!

Miss Hillard

Welcome To Reception H!

Welcome to Reception H!

This is a picture of our class on our first day of school!


We have been very busy this term, getting creative and making some beautiful displays for our classroom!

d1 d2

We have also been reading lots of different books. Here we are putting The Very Hungry Caterpillar story into order!


The children have settled in well and have enjoyed a fantastic first half term. We are all very excited about Autumn Term 2. We will be learning about Bonfire Night and other exciting topics. We will also begin to practice for our nativity.We will be performing ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’. Letters will be sent out  nearer the time to inform you of nativity parts, dates and times.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you back at school on Monday 31st October 2016.

Miss Hillard


Reception Admissions September 2017

HCC On-line Application System opens : 9th November 2016
HCC On-line Application System closes : 15th January 2017

Visit times for parents viewing Reception
Tuesday 8th November at 2 p.m.
Friday 2nd December at 10.00 a.m.
Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 2 p.m.
Please call the school office to book an appointment 01992 629598

Applications are made on-line for reception admissions at www.hertsdirect.org/admissions
If you need any help with your application please call
Customer Services at Herts County Council : 0300 123 4043
or call the school office on 01992 629598.

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