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Wild Thing!

Year 4CM have been working so hard in our topic lessons. Children have been learning about animal groupings and food chains.

Here is a link to find out all about ANIMAL GROUPINGS

After visiting the website, you can test your knowledge by playing this GAME.

Inclusion Workshop

Today 4CM took part in an inclusion workshop to experience different Paralympic games. We also met Drew Walker who is a Paralympian hoping to compete in the next games!

DSCN4155[1] DSCN4147[1] DSCN4149[1] DSCN4150[1]

Mayan Tortillas

In our technology lesson this week the children had the chance to follow a Mayan recipe to make some tortillas. They worked in small groups to weigh out their ingredients and follow the recipe using various techniques, such as, mixing, rolling and kneading.

Here are some pictures of us working:

dscn3880 dscn3881 dscn3883 dscn3884

Maths in 4CM

What a fantastic half term we have had in Year 4CM! For the last two weeks we have been been focusing on our shape work. We have been naming 2D and 3D shapes and listing their properties. We moved on to accurately drawing the shapes and measuring the angles using a protractor. The children have worked very hard and we are very pleased with their progress.

Here are some links to games that you can try at home:

Angles game

Shape games

We are having a class presentation on the 10th November at 2.45 to showcase our a- MAYA-zing work. We look forward to seeing you then!

dscn3783 dscn3784 dscn3785 dscn3786 dscn3787 dscn3788 dscn3789 dscn3790 dscn3791 dscn3792 dscn3793 dscn3794 dscn3795 dscn3796 dscn3797

Mayan Workshop

Today we all took part in a Mayan workshop, we met a time-travelling Mayan! We began the day by learning how to count in the Mayan language and trying on Mayan outfits. We also got to taste some chocolate that was 80% cocoa. For the second part of the workshop we took part in a Mayan drama workshop and studied different artifacts. Here are some pictures of the day:


dscn3631 dscn3633