In Downfield Primary School we operate a House Point System. The whole school is allocated a House which they will be in for their life at Downfield. The houses are named after constellations.

The Houses are also linked to colours:

Red – Phoenix the firebird

Green – Orion the hunter

Yellow – Pegasus the winged horse

Blue – Cygnus the swan

All staff members apart from the Head and Deputy will be allocated a house which they will support throughout their time at Downfield.

Through the use of the system it will provide the children with the opportunity to mix and work with others from different year groups, as well as instill a sense of pride and loyalty in each child.

The system encourages and rewards good behaviour, effort and achievement.

House captains

Children in Year 6 are selected by their house to become role models as house captains. They have a high profile within the school and are a point of reference for the younger children in the playgrounds. They also represent their house during the celebration assembly where they can be presented the House cup.

House points

Any member of the school staff can give children house points at any time of the school day and no child can earn more than a maximum of 10 house points at any one time and this will be for doing something exceptional.

The House points are then totaled at the end of each week and collated in the school hall. At the end of each term there is a winning house announced and the house cup is decorated in their teams colours.

At the end of the school academic year the overall winning house will be given a special afternoon which, as a house, they decide upon.

House challenges

Through the year the children will be taken in to their House groups and set challenges. The challenges are designed to develop social and communication skills.

Sports day

The children will represent their House on Sports Day. The children will be encouraged to wear their House colours and take part in the activities to get points for the House. At the end of the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 Sports Days all the points will be combined to announce an overall House champion and another Cup is presented.