Our school has been judged by OFSTED to be an good school and we thank all the children, staff, governors and parents for helping us get this result. Just follow this link to read a copy of the report: Ofsted Report



Headteacher – Miss S. Goldsmith

Chair person of Governing Body- Dr Dave Spratt

Deputy Headteacher- Mrs E Pereira

Secretary- Mrs P. Kulup/ Mrs T. Waites / Miss E. Tidiman

Caretaker- Mrs L. Gumble, Miss L. Gumble

Speech and Language – Mrs R. Ottery, Mrs D. Gale, Mrs J. Brand

SENCo/ Nuture Specialist – Mrs K.Wills

Family Support Worker – Mrs Vivienne Cobos

Intervention- Mrs K. Sexton, Mrs S.Yilmaz

PPA -Miss A. Perry, Mrs E. Pope

Nursery – Mrs V. Morrison, Mrs R. Panayiotou, Mrs S. Howard, Mrs S. Ali, Ms K. Chatterton

Reception A – Mrs J. Allan, Mrs M Pyne, Miss C English

Reception H – Miss R. Hillard, Miss C. Ellis, Miss E.O’Reilly

Year 1J- Mrs B. Phillips, Ms B How, Mrs J Wilson

Year 1 U  Miss L. Ullah, Mrs N Brown

Year 2D – Mrs R. Darvell, Mrs A King, Mrs K Hopkins

Year 2J – Miss A. Jones, Mrs M Spratt, Mrs H Douglas

Year 3R- Miss L. Rose, Miss J. Wingrove

Year 3H- Mrs C. Hall, Mrs R. Rissen

Year 4S- Miss L. Stevenson, Mrs E. Mehmet

Year 4CM – Mrs D Clark,  Mrs C. Morison, Mrs D. Coats

Year 5V- Ms R. Vidal, Miss L. Hearne

Year 5PS- Mrs A Stirk, Mrs E Pereira, Mrs C. Carter

Year 6C – Miss H. Clifford, Mrs D. O’Reilly

Year 6T- Miss K. Tweddell, Ms G Forsyth

Speech Therapist- Mrs S. Henderson and Miss H. Williams