Downfield Primary School

Downfield Road, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Herts, EN8 8SS

01992 629 598

School closes at 1.30pm today (19th July). Wishing you all a wonderful summer.

Ethos and Values

Our aim is that our pupils will thrive within an inspirational learning environment, where the whole school community works together to strengthen learning and encounter new experiences. Partnership with pupils and their families is at the centre of all we do.

Downfield provides our pupils with the skills they need to become independent, responsible learners, ready to face the future with confidence.


Our school motto is;

Learn to live, live to learn:

Aspire and Achieve


  • We believe all people and pupils feel valued as part of the school community.
  • We believe we should experience learning that is fun, challenging and have opportunities for achievement and reward.
  • We believe in respect, trust and honesty for all.
  • We believe knowledge should be shared and developed.
  • We believe in valuing work through sharing, celebration and display.
  • We believe the school’s environment should be continually evaluated, changed and improved.
  • We believe resources should be easily accessible, stimulating and attractively displayed.
  • We believe in a welcoming and exciting atmosphere.
  • We believe change is an integral part of the growing process, the school is open to making and creating changes that will enhance development.


  • To make all children feel welcomed and valued and to provide equal and inclusive opportunities for all.
  • To build confidence and self esteem through a caring and secure community where everyone is sensitive to the needs of others.
  • To develop tolerance through knowledge and understanding of similarities and differences.
  • To raise standards of achievement for all pupils through informed teaching.
  • To develop the intellectual skills necessary for self expression and creativity.
  • To develop lively and enquiring minds through promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • To bring pur pupils and the community together providing a supportive and sensitive environment.


Downfield is striving to improve the curriculum in a creative way, improving the teaching and learning for our pupils and improving the environment. We embrace new challenges in a realistic and caring way ensuring the wellbeing of all who enter the school.

Downfield School aims to provide a secure, happy and welcoming environment for pupils, staff, parents and visitors alike. Also, to establish and maintain good channels of communication amongst the pupils and between school, parents, visitors and the community.

We aim to provide, irrespective of gender or ability, ethnicity or social circumstances, a broad and balanced education and access to the whole educational experience by stimulating pupils’ interest, developing their potential and offering as wide a variety of experiences as are appropriate and available.

As part of our pupils’ broader education we aim to develop personal and moral values, including respect for other people, property, honesty and a respect for religious and cultural beliefs. Pupils learn to have an understanding of how their actions may affect others. Alongside this, we aim to develop the children’s understanding and appreciation of the multi-cultural society in which we live and to develop their tolerance for other races, religions and ways of life.

We encourage our pupils to develop the ability to exercise a degree of responsibility and initiative, to participate in the school community and to work successfully in groups. We encourage independence and perseverance, in all we do, in order to develop self-esteem and self-worth.

We aim to develop independent and enquiring minds with the ability to question, discuss and argue rationally, to make informed decisions and apply themselves effectively to tasks.

Throughout their time at Downfield School we encourage pupils to value education for its own sake and acquire the skills and enthusiasm to view education as a lifelong process.