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 Maths Learner details - skills developed & example activities for each year  group

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 Year Group Overviews - the areas of Maths taught across the year

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Assessment in Maths:

Assessment in maths, takes many forms and is made up of a combination of statutory and non-satutory activities.

  • AFL - all Year groups - assessment for learning takes place continuously and informs teachers of children's attainment and progress within their maths lessons. 
  • Diagnostic tests - Year 1 - Year 6 - these are tests given to the children once per term. They are directly linked to the topics and content delivered in the daily lessons and provide teachers with information about how children are progressing against key areas of learning.
  • Multiplication Tables Check - Year 4 - this is statutory test which is taken by Year 4 pupils usually in May. The test is administered digitally using computer programme. A DFE information leaflet can be found below. 
  • SATs tests - Year 2 & Year 6. SATs stands for Statutory Assessment Tasks. Children in Year 2 will take these tests during the month of May. Children in Year 6 will take their maths SATs on specific days usually during the second week in May. 
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Useful Websites to Support Maths Learners

Free workbooks from White Rose Maths-

Herts for Learning: ESSENTIALmaths Games


Solving word problems 

At Downfield we plan and teach our Maths curriculum using ESSENTIAL Maths. This is a product written by Herts For Learning (HFL).  The way the teaching and learning is organised is described as a spiral. This means that the  learning is built upon step by step, sequence by sequence and year on year. It is aspirational and ensures progression and coverage through the primary phase. 


To the left you will find descriptions of what children do and how they do it in each year group.


Further down this page you will also find overviews of the content for each term for each year group. This information is replicated in the year group folders on the left. 

Mathematics Policy 

 Maths Policy 2023-2024 (Reviewed Jan 2024).docDownload
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Written Calculation Policy 

 Written_Calculation_policy 2023-2024.pdfDownload
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Mathematical Models

Please visit our Mathematical Models Page to find out more about how we teach Mathematical Concepts to children. 

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