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World Book Day!

The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. It is a day to celebrate books, stories, authors, illustrators and most importantly celebrate reading.

The children have been celebrating their favourite stories today and have had the opportunity to learn about and engage in new stories. The children created special book marks incorporating their characters to use in their reading. We also had a catwalk to show off their amazing costumes! We took some time to read the books children had brought in and learned a bit more about them. We also watched some clips if their books had been adapted into film! They all enjoyed talking about their characters and sharing their stories. Finally, the children talked about what they might try to read next and we compiled a reading list of some of our recommendations and favourite stories. The children had a go at explaining why you should read their book!

Dinosaur Museum

Thank you to everyone who came to see the children’s dinosaur museum this afternoon!

They were all very excited and had all worked hard on their exhibits! They created fossils, dinosaur paintings, dinosaur sculptures, fact files, diagrams and crafts. The children all had staff badges, and showed their families around, explaining their work and their learning.

The children have really enjoyed our dinosaurs topic this term!

Dax the Dinosaur!

This morning the children found a dinosaur! It turns out his name is Dax the Dinosaur and he is one of the hatchlings that hatched out of the eggs the children discovered a few weeks ago! The children were all very excited to meet him today!

Dax has grown up fast but isn’t quite sure what being a dinosaur means. He gave the children a letter explaining his problem!

The children will be using Dax's visit to inspire them, writing fact files to help Dax and tell him more about himself.

Dinosaurs on the Loose!

Reception came into school to find the dinosaur eggs we had been looking after had hatched! We didn't spot any dinosaurs but discovered some strange footprints on the floor.

Reception decided to follow the footprints into our garden and search for clues. After some looking the children decided they led out onto the field. Together we went out onto the field and into our woodland area, looking for footprints, looking for nests, and dens. We talked about staying quiet and why we might find it hard to spot the dinosaurs as they might be camouflaged! Eventually, we discovered a hole in the school fence that the children think the dinosaurs must have escaped through!

When back in the classroom, the children looked at the footprints we had found, comparing them to examples of different dinosaurs to identify which dinosaur might have hatched. The children discovered that our footprints matched T-Rex footprints!!
We then talked about how it might be a bit dangerous to have dinosaurs running round the school, because most people don’t know they are here! Even some teachers don’t know they are here! The children suggested we warn the school about the dinosaurs and decided to make posters to let people know. 

The children have been worked hard to create their posters which are up all around school!

Dinosaur Eggs!

Our topic this term is dinosaurs!

On Monday morning when the children went outside to play in the garden, they discovered a nest full of large eggs! The children thought they were dinosaur eggs and they stood together discussing where they might have come from, what might be inside, what they might need and what we should do with them. Some children said they could even hear something inside the eggs and some saw them moving!

When we went back inside we talked about the different animals that lay eggs and what might be inside these enormous eggs. The children learned that turtles, crocodiles, frogs, fish and some snakes lay eggs! Ultimately, the children decided that they must be dinosaur eggs and we began looking at different dinosaurs that could be inside. We then decided to bring the eggs into the classroom to keep them warm and look after them to help them hatch.

We are all patiently waiting for them to hatch!

Christmas Jumper Day

Reception had a brilliant Christmas Jumper Day, showing off some amazing designs and colours. They all enjoyed having a look at each other's jumpers and had a comfy day at school!

Christmas Concert

Reception worked so hard to learn the songs, actions and spoken parts of our Christmas Concert this term.

They did a brilliant job performing it to both the school and their families.

Welcome to Reception H!

Here we are all together on our first day in Reception H!

We can't wait for an exciting year full of new experiences and adventures!

Reception H

Coming soon...