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Welcome back to Autumn 2 everyone; it's lovely to see you all!

Religious Education at Downfield aims to develop children’s religious and theological literacy by exploring religion through two aims: Sources of Wisdom and their impact; and personal and critical responses. We look at these aims through eight areas, which explore different aspects of religion.

Our curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop rich and varied knowledge and understanding about Christianity, and principal religions (Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism) as well as worldviews which give life value. Our curriculum aims to enable pupils to become religiously and theologically literate so they can engage in life in an increasingly diverse society. It is not about telling pupils what religious views they should have but rather assists them in gaining shared human understanding, developing personal identity and searching for meaning in the context of evaluating different viewpoints.

Each year group will study Christianity and one other principal religion to build progression across the key stages and ensure a greater depth of learning.

What our children think about RE at Downfield...


"We have RE lessons to respect other peoples' religions"

"I like that we learn about new religions!"

"We told Mummy and Daddy about the Qur'an"

"Because we were learning about it, we noticed the Star of David and Jesus on things!"

"I like that we do it all week because it gives us a chance to learn about new things step by step"


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